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Customer Testimonials

I am happy to recommend RCP Shelters...
posted on - March 28, 2012
to other people. We have purchased at least seven wood pavilions and one all metal pavilion in the State of Florida and without exception we have received top quality facilities. Thank you for your conscientious and timely service in all cases. – Wayne H., FL

RCP Shelters is the best company...
posted on - January 01, 2012
that I have had the experience working with. Their designs are aesthetically pleasing and have always fit our needs. Their cooperation is great and they have custom designed structures for us that have been easy to construct and their materials are always superior. We have constructed six of their units, presently have a large pavilion on order as we speak and are designing two more for purchase  this year. We will then have nine of their units constructed in the city. If you have the need, RCP is my recommendation for quality. – Fred M., NJ

We are a Design/Build General contractor...
posted on - Febuary 21, 2012
building throughout the state of Florida and have been designing RCP shelters into our projects for the past 15 years. Through the years we have had many chances to design some exciting and innovative shelters, pavilions and open air structures, with RCP and all have turned out better than our designers, clients  and we expected.  Have a look Through the RCP catalog and you will know drought see many of our projects displayed in RCP’s catalog today and in years past.  I have no reservations in recommending RCP’s products to anyone because they have always stood behind the products.  – Joe C., FL